Roy K. Clemmons

Software Professional

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Sometimes I get the urge to write about technology...then the feeling passes.  Hopefully, something of value wil be found here.


Enterprise Application Development
Enterprise Architecture Template
Standard template

Design and Modeling

Producing Use Cases
Tips and guidelines
Identifying Object-Oriented Classes
Tips and guidelines
Object Orientation
An overview of OO principles
Project Estimation with Use Case Points
Published in Crosstalk The Journal of Defense Software Engineering
Use Case Point Estimation
Real life example
Definition of a Vision document
The CRC Game
Who says class discovery can't be fun?

Development Methodology

Agile Development
An Agile Development Methodolgy
Presents a 4-phase transitional methodology
Software Methodology
Description and Goals
Software Methodology
A Proposed Methodology
Employing Skepticism
As a Testing Philosophy


Red-Black Trees in C#
Article and Code
Treaps in C#
Article and Code
Treaps in VB.NET
Article and Code
Collapsible Panels in VB.NET
Article and Code.
User Interface Process Application Block


Problem Solving
A process to solve problems